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April 21, 2018


The Uptown Nightclub, Oakland

Doors open 5pm

Show 5:30-7:30pm 


All guests are encouraged to stay after the show for Uptown's Hella Gay Dance party 


No. 4



Choreographed + Performed by Christine Chung, Julie Ni, Alex Nana-Sinkam, Amber Quiñones

Monsoon explores the complex components of nostalgia - the gravity, the levity, the heavy, the joyous emotions that layer a memory.

The Klick

Choreographed + Performed by Eddie Melendez & Jerson Jongia

Simple moves, simple grooves, we just want to show the fun side of dance and start giggin

In The Palace of Feel Good 

Choreography + Direction by Jessica Jin 

Performed by Cassie Cu, Rosemary Hsu, Jessica Jin

Film + Editing by Brian Lam 

Everything feels better when you’re surrounded by dance and friends. Thanks Alumni Dance Collective for the space and community to create and share art with such amazing people during this transitional stage of out lives. Much love!  Enjoy your time in the Palace 

Choreographed by Rachel Schuster 

Performed by Rosalind Hsu, Joy Tang, Elisa Glauber

The deepest, most intimate type of pain is the kind that lingers.  It seeps into every thought and physically constricts every breath. Despite the passing of time, this pain can leave scars that will never truly mend.  Outwardly denying the weight of the pain is not only self-deprecating, but also suffocating.  Being able to both acknowledge the heinousness of the pain’s impetus and accepts its effect on your being is how you steer away from self-destruction and find a path towards growth.  This piece seeks to explore the moment of healing that you concede to what your friends have been repeating: “No, stop saying it’s ‘fine.’  It’s not fine.  You don’t have to be fine.” 

To Be Black in America

Original poetry written + performed by Jamey Williams

Choreographed + Performed by David Cha

A boy who wanted to put himself out there.

p.s: This piece contains few different styles of dance. If it's a food, it would be called burrito. 

Yaboi David Cha's

Choreographed + Performed by Sarah Pinner & Rosalind Hsu 

Falling apart is a curious thing. An elusive thing. It's neither good or bad, but simply a part of growing: falling apart allows us to learn how to put ourselves back together on our own. This piece is about this experience of falling a p a r t 

a p a r t
Whyte Heauxes 4Eva!

Choreographed by Excel Love & Christian Navarro

Performed by Lakshmi Gununagayum, Christian Navarro, Excel Love, Greg Jhung, Conrad Contreras, Lex Duey, Martin Javier, Rachel Schuster, Arvin Valmonte

Choreographed by Excel Love and Christian Navarro, this project has been performing at ALUMNI showcase since the beginning and with each performance the bond between this group of individuals grows even stronger.  Brining together dancers from Project M, Main Stacks, and Cal Dance Team, you KNOW they’re about to show up and show out! 


Choreographed by Caro Ding 

Performed by Caro Ding, Emma Nuss, Tiff Vo, Desi Chu

This piece is about never giving up hope and holding on against the odds. 

Love Lost

Choreographed & performed by Rachel Goldman 

Sometimes we all just need to take a moment to find peace with ourselves.  Take a journey to discover what makes us feel complete. However, in these times of self-reflection, we cannot lose sight of the ones who have been standing by us all along - know you’re never truly alone - and enjoy the bumpy ride.

On My Own

Choreographed + Performed by Claire Lee & Jessica Yuen

Instead of looking at these two dancers as separate characters, think of them as two sides of one thing or two versions of the same life. Two same-but-different expressions on Telegraph Avenue. Look at it however you wish. Enjoy!

Telegraph Ave
Holding the Starz

Choreographed + Performed by Isaac Wan, Vanessa Gonzalez, Eddie Melendez 

I just smashed the song titles together and thats how the title was made LOL.  These were my favorite songs at the beginning if the year and when the black panther album came out with “All the Stars”, which is the second part of the mis, the song just spoke to me.  So what I’m saying is I just like dancing, especially with friends cuz its fun and makes me happy. 

Choreographed + Performed by Erika Nguyen & Juile Ni 

How do individual sounds in music translate to movement in the body? Does it feel more natural to respond to lyrics or do you gravitate more towards the back beats?  How does that evolve as the song proceeds and how does that choice influence choreography?  This piece is the result of two dancers collaborating to translate sound into motion. 


Choreographed + Performed by Lauren Hogrewe, Rosalind Hsu, Rachel Schuster

This piece is about friendship and companionship; we celebrate finding a niche with people who make us feel the best about ourselves through the collective uplifting each other. 

Better Together
I Wanna Dance

Choreographed by Claire Lee

Performed by Claire Lee, Sarah Pinner, Leslie Liu, Abi Johal, Jessica Brown, Melinda Wang

These six lovely women (and two others who couldn’t make it today) did my Contemporary Skillshop at Full Out Studios in West Oakland for 10 weeks this season.  They worked on technique, improv, conditioning, and stretching.  Here’e a ***Whitney Houston Revival*** piece to show off their hard work and awesome movement.  I had such a great time dancing + training with them, and I’m so excited that we can perform for a second time here at Uptown with ALUMNI!!  -Claire

Videography by Brian Lam

Photography by Qing Wong 

Thank you to our volunteers: Jason Spector

Special thanks to The Uptown Nightclub​

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