Alumni Dance Collective has hosted a number of workshops and classes taught by choreographers in our community aimed at creating spaces for dancers to train and connect.

Thank you to our choreographers:

Chris Nghiem

Christian Rodriguez 

Claire Lee 

Excel Love 

Gloria Liou

Janet Park

Jessica Yuen

Justin Mitchell 

Kristin McLaughlan Gomez

Lauren Hogrewe 

Lauren Week

Lizbeth Kim

Sammy Go

Sarah Pinner 

Stephanie Golden 










Photography by: 

Grace Chen

June Kim

Sarah Go 

Christian Rodriguez

Irene Kim Shepherd

Performances & Projects

At times, Alumni Dance Collective has come together to form a team and create performance pieces.  Since our founding in 2014, we have performed three pieces as a collective: 


Fall 2015:

Alumni Dance Collective @ Prelude NorCal  

Spring 2015:

"A World Alone"

Choreographed by Lizbeth Kim, Jacqueline Ma, Christian Rodriguez, Claire Lee


Choreography by

Kristin McLaughlan Gomez

In this gallery, we also feature projects created by Alumni members and partners. 


Mt. Tam Project

Photography by 

June Kim and Michelle Cho


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